Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just like with any journey, the challenges come!

Challenges, hmmm.

Challenges to a weight loss journey, let's see, yummy fattening food everywhere ....check.  Trying to find time to exercise ...check.  Injuries ......wait, nobody ever talks about injuries.  Hmmm, Injuries ...check.

So, it's been a few days since my last update.  Here's the news!
I weighed in at 275.1!

So I lost a little more than a pound in one week.  Disappointed? Yes.  Realistic? Yes.

First of all, the 276.2 was probably based on the fact that I had been fasting, exercising like mad, and had a lot of sleep.  Although a good thing, real life hits and then . . .

I'm also at that time of the month . . . enough said.

I ate plenty over the weekend, well you know the husband comes home, you cook more, eat out to celebrate the anniversary that you had when he was gone and then have company for dinner.  Yeah, I ate.  It's ok.

I also caught the cold/flu that I thought I had escaped as it visited everyone else in my family.  From what I witnessed, it's not going to be a one day flu.

The roughest part is that Saturday morning, when Ti and I were having our intense three hour racquetball session.  I strained my ankle.  Not a big deal, this is normal for overweight people who exercise like they are not. . . lol.  The rough part came the next day, when I slipped, and rolled that weak ankle.

I was being so careful outside walking in the freshly fallen snow and the ice that hid underneath, but when I got inside the building, and relaxed a little ... walked onto the beautiful hardwood floor, didn't notice a little puddle of water and wham, bam, big blog of red black and white (my coat is a long red one, and my dress black and white), flying and then landing with a big big kerplunk.  After I yelped in pain and winced almost to the point of tears, I realized I was very much in public and got up ferociously fast and walked off like nothing happened.  Yeah!  I faked everyone till I tried to walk again after sitting there for two hours without elevation and ice.  Ooooooouuuuuuch!  Good thing I had my boots on to keep the swelling undercontrol.  haha!

Yeah, so now I'm crippled, no problem right, I swim . . . haha, yesterday I did swim and in the last week or so, I've developed a bad rash under my arms from the friction of my arms rubbing against my suit.  Not a big deal I'll change and wear my other suit, except that I need to wait a few days to get in that highly chlorinated water, till the rash doesn't look like road burn.

So, this is normal for me.  Every time, I decided to start exercising again I get injured.  Well, I'm going to push through this.  I know I can do it, it just might take longer than I anticipated.  In the past I've let injuries get me down, but not this time.  I'm still on my journey.

Did I reach my goals?  Actually I did,  I did lose weight, and most importantly I got MOVING!  MOVING has made me feel stronger.  MOVING has given me energy.  MOVING has given my life balance and I feel a freshness in my routine. 

So this week, I might move a bit less (no intense racquetball sessions) but I'll get on the bike tomorrow or do some water aerobics.  I'll find a way to move and I did pretty good on my diet last week without setting guidelines for myself, but this week I'm cutting out the sugar.  That's harder than it sounds.

Happy Journey Everone!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I love to eat!

So I've been doing pretty good with my eating, even though I told myself that I was not going to worry about dieting this week.  This week my goal was to MOVE!!!  Anyway, I think my metabolism may have increased a bit because I felt it last night.  All of a sudden, I was at Nate's wrestling meet, Ezra and I had just finished playing racquetball for an hour, and I literally felt weak and a rumble in my stomach. 

So here's the tidbit of truth that makes this kind of exciting.  I eat so often that I haven't felt that really hungry feeling in like a year.  Oh, I fast at least once a month, but I prepare really well for my fast.  (Cringe).  By the time it's time to eat again, I just feel really excited to eat, but I don't have the rumbles.

At the wrestling meet I decide, that we're going to eat Chinese for dinner.  I drink water like crazy trying to put off buying something out of the vending machine.  I thought I was going to die.  Oh what joy!!! when we finally reached the little Chinese place where I like to go and order off the Chinese menu.  For those of you that don't know.  Sweat and Sour . . . not really a Chinese dish.  I know this because I work with many Chinese people in my lab.

Ok, so here's what Moana thoroughly enjoyed eating yesterday, January 5th, 2011:

I started out with the yogurt/seed recipe shared in an earlier blog and yes I did add salt and pepper.  It took me an hour to eat it.  So filling.

Chinese Food . . .
...1 egg roll... I know ... I couldn't wait.
...3/4 cup what most of you would call Moo Gu Gai Pan Yummy!!! Chicken and Veggies I ate this w/out rice.
...Ziran Lamb.  This is thin cuts of Lamb stir fried in special yummy seasoning.  I had about 8 pieces.  Yeah, lamb is a very tender yummy meat, which means it has lots of fat.  At least its not the cut that Lu Sipi is made from.  I had to add some rice it's a bit spicy.  I kept in under a half cup though.
...and Boiling Fish Soup.  Lots of yummy veggies and fish in a wonderful soy broth.
We drank water.

Did I mention I love to eat.  So, yeah, not the healthiest food, but it could have been a lot worse, like when I normally drive through the Wendy's window next to Nate's school.  Yeah, this is definitely an improvement.  Now, thinking back to my Weight Watcher's days, I probably hit my points for the day.  Nuts have a lot of points and I probably ate about a half cup of lamb.  Less than a serving of steak though.  Somewhere around there.

Ok, here's what I'm proud of.  Staying away from impulse eating.  I ate to fullness, but I didn't push it to where I'm letting out my belt or undoing the button on my pants.  (heeheehee, I haven't wore a belt or pants with a button for that matter for years.) A better way to say this . . . I didn't feel like rolling over and going to bed.  I just felt good.  Third, Yep, I'm still moving.

Had a great day!  Hope you are too!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Who wants to diet on their Anniversary!

Yep, it was my anniversary yesterday!  Take a look at the photo to the right!  That was me 5 years ago, and today I'm about 65 pounds heavier.  Ugh!  My husband was out of town so it wasn't really that hard to avoid the food.  But I did refuse an invitation to go out to dinner with a labmate.  It was her birthday!  Mostly because I had planned on going to the temple.  So here's the report!

Wasabi cashews!  3 servings total
3 Jolly Ranchers
Subway Club Salad, I got it free by the way by saving my points.
Red Vine Vinigrette Dressing

Dinner, I had another salad w/ half a baked chicken breast no skin
Late at 10 pm was hungry, but just had hot lemon w/ REAL sugar.

ok so I'm not counting calories or fat grams yet, but I call that a good day for me.

Happy Health Everyone!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ok, this must be working . . .

. . . I had a couple of people ask me yesterday, how was my eating? or my diet?  So, from now on I'll just answer "check my blog".

January 3rd, 2011 . . . This is what entered my mouth.

After my swim, my mom made me what she ate to lose all the weight the last time she dieted.  She's diabetic and so she has to be very careful to get the energy she needs with out spiking the insulin reaction.  So anything that even tastes sweet or like carbs can send her rushing for more insulin and not able to lose the weight.  So, this is what was in it.

2 TBSP of plain nonfat greek yogurt
2 TBSP of nonfat cottage cheese
2 TBSP of sesame seeds
2 TBSP of pumpkin seeds
2 TBSP of flax seed ground up into a flour

Sound yummy??  Yeah, I wasn't that excited either.  I love nuts, but plain yogurt is so sour.  I really wanted to add salt and pepper and next time I think I will.  Yep, there will be a next time, because it was so filling.  I don't know if it was the fact that it took so long to eat because of all the chewing you have to do, or that it was so rich.  That Greek Yogurt is packed with 25 grams of protein per serving.  The fats in the nuts are dangerous, but she warned me that was all I was allowed to eat for the day.

Hahaha!  I can get my fat elsewhere you know.  Yeah for dinner I had a piece of manioke (tapioca root) with the normal polynesian flavor of coconut milk and onions.  Mmmmm coconut milk.  It was more than a prescribed serving too.  Well it was a polynesian serving, but I'm pretty sure a normal serving is considered a half a cup, mine was 2 cups.   Oops, I had a piece of chicken (dark meat) and then some salad.  That's it!

So maybe it was okay to eat the manioke because I did stay away from the food for the rest of the day.

Let's see, I went shopping at 8 pm while I was waiting for Nate.  That was movement.  LOL, yeah what I should have done was go to the Zumba class at Orem Rec.  I'll do that next time.

Today's a new day!  I started off with a swim.  I swam a whole mile.  It took entirely too long, but I did it!

I'm in the mood for something new tomorrow.  Racquetball anyone?  

Today, I've eaten a subway club salad and wasabi cashews.  Yep, you read it correctly.  Wasabi cashews.  When I get the munchies that's what I'm eating, because after two or three nuts, your eyes are swollen shut and your nose starts to run, and no matter how much I want to munch.  I can't for fear of dying.  LOL.  Gotta love it!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Haha, I MOVED!!!

So, yep it's a new year, and I hate that I have set the goal to lose weight, so I guess it happens to be a new years resolution, but I don't want this to have the stereotypical results of New Years Resolutions.  This one needs to be successful.

So, it's January 3rd, 2011, today.  And so far so good.  I actually started a few days ago, New Years Eve to be exact, as a family, we all went to Orem Rec Center and played racquetball for two hours and then we went an played basketball after that for an hour.  I was dying!!!!  Are you kidding me, during racquetball I didn't run for anything, ...good thing we were playing as two against two, so my partner had to do all the hustling.  Just swinging my arm at the ball was work for me.  I consider myself a pretty good basketball player, but I was sucking air so bad, and I just had no energy at all to play or shoot for that matter.  I kept taking breaks, but I knew I needed to keep going so I did.

I came home and crashed.  Yeah, literally.  My head hit the pillow and I didn't move until about 6 pm.  But then the amazing thing is I got up and got ready to go to the New Years Eve Dance!  The good thing about my husband is that when we go dancing, we really dance.  Guess what?  He didn't let me sit down at all, except when their was special items or dances.  So, I was on the floor dancing from 10 pm to 1 am.  After that my knees were swearing at me, but it was so fun, and I loved dancing with my husband Tevita and how he lovingly kept me moving. 

New Year's Day, I fixed an awesome breakfast for my whole family.  There was steak, eggs, (both non-fat, cholestrol free box eggs w/ vegies and regular scrambled eggs with lots of cheese) sausage, bacon, hashbrowns and toast.  Yep breakfast fit for a king.  I had a piece of steak (top sirloin) and the veggie eggs and one sausage.  By then I stopped because I was full.  I had a drink of hot lemon and splenda to wash it down and then we got ready to meet my brother at his clubhouse pool.  I was thinking my body could use a good soak in the jacuzzi since my knees were still killing me.

Well you can only stay in the hot tub so long and you get to hot, so I plunged into the pool and started swimming laps.  Haha.  Movement again .... you have to understand that before this the most exercise or movement I've had for months is getting in and out of the suburban.  SAD!  really really sad.

I came home and relaxed next to my husband to watch the TCU game and before it even started I was out.  I slept again for about 3 hours.  Well,  I didn't eat, because the next day was Fast Ssunday.  So Sunday when I got home from church and I got on the scale I was 276.2 lbs.  Well the last time I weighed I weighed in at 282 something.  I was so excited that I was under 280.  Hahaha, this movement stuff must work.

So for those that follow my journey, my starting weight is officially 276.2.  I'll put up a before picture soon.  What I didn't say yet was that while we were in the hot tub, Rob, Nana, and I all decided to have a contest.  A biggest loser contest . . . based on weight loss percentage . . . where we all put in 20 dollars and in 16 weeks we weigh in and the one of us that loses the highest body weight percentage gets the pool of money.  Anyone else want to join the fun?

So I haven't really dieted yet, but last night we had the missionaries over for dinner and I did forgo the chicken and rice and just had the steamed veggie/muscle dish.  That would have been commendable but later at about 9 pm I had rice w/ some gravy and jello.  Ugh!  That's one thing I have to stop: late night eating!  I did stay away from the guava cake though. 

Okay, so it's officially the first day, and I did get up and go swimming at the Orem Rec Center.  I love it there.  I feel very comfortable and motivated to work out there.  There are a lot of people who just want to be healthy and not really in a competition to see who has the best gym bunny body.  Well that's my perception of Gold's when I go there.  This morning I took my mom also and so it was nice.  Okay, so I swam 1000 meters.  5/8ths of a mile.  That's all but, I moved, so I'm proud of myself. 

So I'm going to blog daily so that I can be accountable.  Here I am on the big World Wide Web for everyone to read.  Aaaa! That's scarey.  Hope you gain hope and inspiration from my journey if you are reading and you might need some.  I've always considered going on the show the biggest loser, but I couldn't be on national TV half naked, so this will have to do.  Thanks for reading.  Moana